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A letter from our CEO - Peter Hosek

Dear visitors!

After Schönbrunn Palace was separated from the federal administration in October 1992, it was simultaneously decided to convert part of the Schönbrunn Orangery into a cultural and event centre in the course of a general renovation of the entire palace grounds. This part was used in the past as a boiler room for the palace and is considered to be the place where in 1786 the stage was set for the musical genius Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart in the legendary musical contest with Antonio Salieri.

In 1996, the revitalisation began and after an international tender in 1997, my company was trusted as the general leaseholder of the Orangery and has been running the Schönbrunn Orangery ever since.

On 8 May 1997, the first Schönbrunn Palace concert took place with the then newly founded, entirely privately financed Schönbrunn Palace Orchestra, which from that day on plays daily concerts at the musically and historically important venue. I was able to bring my experience from my music studies and then as a professional musician into both the line-ups and the programming.

Thus was born the success story of an organisation that has not only organised over 8,000 concerts in Schönbrunn, but also over 500 concerts abroad. From Scandinavia to Japan, the USA to Brazil, from South Africa to China and Singapore, from Spain to Greece, Mozambique to Turkey, in Bulgaria and Romania and many more.

Through the merge with the successful tourism expert Paul Blaguss and the Blaguss Group, we have been organising the Schönbrunn Palace Concerts under the newly founded company WKE Konzert- & Eventveranstaltungs GmbH since 2016.

The Schönbrunn Palace Concerts meet both cultural and touristic demands, as we have been offering musical experiences of the highest standard every day for over 25 years, and we truly value authenticity and reliability.

For us, people are the centre of attention: visitors and partners as well as our staff and artists.

We inspire our visitors with the motto: "We are more than a concert for tourists - we are people to remember and give something that money can't buy - an emotional souvenir!

On behalf of our entire team, it is a great pleasure to welcome you to our Schönbrunn Palace Concerts at Schönbrunn Palace Orangery.

We wish you an unforgettable evening with the Schönbrunn Palace Orchestra and look forward to your visit.


Origin of the concert series "Schönbrunn Palace Concerts


Merge with Blaguss and founding of WKE (founding of the company "WKE Konzert- & Eventveranstaltungs GmbH" in partnership between Peter Hosek's PH International Music GmbH and Blaguss Reisen GmbH to operate the concerts at Schönbrunn Orangery).


Enhancement of the Orangery Schönbrunn location through unique lighting during the concert


Award of the WKÖ Export Prize in Silver


8 000th Schönbrunn Palace Concert


Winner of 3rd place in the Austrian Leading Companies 2020 in the category: National


Development of a summer concert format "Music and Wine" at the Orangery Schönbrunn for the local Viennese audience


25th Anniversary Celebration


New cooperation with the Christmas and New Year's Market Schloss Schönbrunn


9 000th Schönbrunn Palace Concert

Our values

We are reliable

For 25 years we have been offering musical experiences of the highest standard. We host daily concerts and enliven the Orangery with the best pieces by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Johann Strauss.

With us, people are the focus

We provide our customers with optimal support from the first to the last contact.

We offer our customers an individual and personal experience

We have Schönbrunn as a wonderful ambience and the special competence with regard to music. The focus of our unique artists is on traditional and authentic interpretation of this music.

We hand over an emotional souvenir from Vienna to the world

We consider ourselves as attentive hosts of an unforgettable, entertaining evening. We are more than a concert for tourists - we are people to remember and give away something that money can't buy - an emotional souvenir!